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Why do you think SM lacks in promoting Luna?

Hmm not necessarily. They do lack currently but for a while they were doing a lot for her. And I think people forget that.

I think in 2012 they dropped the ball a bit and all she really did was a few variety appearance and Immortal Songs 2 around the time of ES.

2013 was a mixed bag, she had HSM and PT going on. With a few guest MC jobs in the latter half the year.

But, prior to that in 2011? Luna was so promoted I was sincerely worried for her health. She had two musicals, a MC job, a TV drama, Pinocchio comeback, Hot Summer repackage, regular random variety shows like Running Man. And all of these activities were so close together and overlapped with Pino/Summer. 

And imo, prior to 2010 it didn’t matter. SM didn’t start taking promoting all of f(x) seriously until 2010. It’s not as if SM has never, ever tried. They did in 2011. As a fan I would love for a similar push in 2014 but who knows what’ll happen. I just don’t want over-work or exhaustion. I don’t want f(x) to be lifeless on stage, I don’t want half-assed performances. It was hard enough during PT to watch Sulli who looked tired/sick sometimes. One good comeback a year is fine by me. But I think having Luna do 1 musical, and maybe 1-2 stable MC/show gig a year is enough. Do we really want f(x) overworked with packed schedules like other SM groups? I don’t. Victoria seems very tired lately but you can see how hard she works to hide it.

The only thing that did make me a little bitter was SM The Ballad recently. While I did enjoy Krystal I don’t get why not Luna? Oh well, it’s too late to whine about it now and it’s not like Krystal is making decisions herself.

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